I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where my journey into jewelry making began over 25 years ago during my early teenage years. Initially, I started with simple beading and wire bending, but my creativity soon demanded more complex and personalized designs. Limited resources pushed me to be inventive, leading me to repurpose objects and waste materials from my environment into unique jewelry pieces. This ingenuity opened my eyes to endless possibilities, sparking my imagination.
I still remember the joy of receiving my first set of pliers for my birthday. It was a defining moment that made me feel like a true jewelry maker, solidifying my passion for the craft. While studying industrial design in high school, I sold my first pieces of jewelry, marking the beginning of my professional journey.
After high school, I pursued a qualification in goldsmithing, which paved the way for a pivotal job that would shape my career path. I began working with Murano glass, using the lampworking technique to shape glass over an open flame. I fell in love with this beautiful craft, and within two years, I was self-employed, selling my jewelry in various stores across Slovenia.
Eight years ago, I made a significant life change by moving to London. Adapting to a new country and lifestyle took time, but eventually, I was able to reconnect with my craft. This led to the creation of Londonna Murano, dedicated to showcasing the beautiful artistry of Murano glass in a more contemporary way, combining glass with other materials and incorporating waste materials into my pieces. The idea of transforming discarded items into something precious continually drives and excites me.
Today, I am eager to see what the future holds as I continue to explore and innovate in my craft.

Peace & Love, 

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